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Fraternitas Sanctus Michael – Sint-Michielsgilde VZW
Clemenshoek 87 , 2840 Rumst (Belgium) 

 KBO-nummer: 0627.923.164.

Philosophy of our guild 

The guild of St. Michael is a humble link in the centuries old chain of European martial traditions. We do not take up the sword lightly. Being a member of a guild means being a part of this tradition.


We are mainly focussed on 16th and 17th century fencing manuscripts in which masters such as Joachim Meyer are a guideline throughout our lessons. Meyer talks about the chivalrous art of fencing, in which practitioners don’t just focus on their physical capacities but are also given purpose and new insights such as honour, perseverance and dedication.


We are not opposed to martials arts with different origins than Western Europe. All too often the misconception arises that Eastern martial arts have monopolised martial arts as a whole.

“He who fights his own weaknesses is a brave man”

(Master Hanko Döbringer)


The ‘Fechtbücher’ or manuscripts constantly show us that only an honourable man is worthy of becoming a practitioner of these martial arts. They show us that sparring with weapons such as the longsword has a deeper dimension than the physical. It’s this dimension that we aim to introduce our members to.


The martial arts as we teach them, the weapons we handle are more often than not, not of these times. One way or another, it pulls us into this deeper dimension. The chivalrous arts are a military opportunity. One can’t be surprised that we aim to uphold the military disciple in a somewhat boiled down fashion. Discipline is an essential element within any martial art.


He who constantly seeks to broaden his horizons, lives by the sword, perseveres on the chosen path will find a warm welcome within our brotherhood. Within our arts, we strive to attain perfection and harmony. A road that is paved by a struggle with one’s own confidence. Confidence, assertiveness and determination are qualities that develop over time.

" but we cannot all be friars, and God brings His children to Heaven by many paths: Chivalry is religion.”

[ Miguel de Cervantes] 

The way of the sword is a way of life. I supercedes the recreational. For this, a weekly sparring practice simply doesn’t do. Determination and time are necessary to fully master the arts. To have the sword transform and purify you. Death – Purification – Ressurection